The Devon and Cornwall Underground Council (DCUC) is the regional caving council for Devon and Cornwall.  We are a regional council of the British Caving Association. The Devon and Corwnwall Underground Council is an organisation composed of Individuals, Caving Clubs and other groups and organisations who are interested in caving and exploring mines and conservation within the counties of Devon and Cornwall.

FYI – The British Caving Association (BCA) is the governing body for underground exploration in the United Kingdom. It represents all those persons and groups with a genuine interest in caves, karst and associated phenomena, whether from a strictly sporting viewpoint, a scientific viewpoint, or a combination of both.

Close liaison is maintained with the other Regional Councils and also with the Sports Council, English Nature and other local and national organisations.

DCUC is represented on the National Council at BCA and on the various special committees of the BCA. These committees along with the National Council conduct the business of the BCA.

Any Individual, Club or other Organisation that is interested in joining DCUC should contact the Secretary.

The following clubs are either member clubs, affilicated clubs or linked clubs that the DCUC has contact with. (Updated on 22 December 2015)

Member Clubs or Groups

Buckfastleigh Caving Group (BCG)
Cornwall Mine Explorers Club
Devon Spelæological Society (DevonSS)
Plymouth Caving Group (PCG)
Plymouth University Adventure & Expedition Caving Group
Rosevale Historical Mining Society
St Just Mines Research Group
The William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust
Exeter University Speleology Society

Affiliated Clubs or Groups (based outside Devon & Cornwall)

Combined Services Caving Club
Dudley Caving Club
Mendip Caving Group (MCG)
Wessex Cave Club (WCC)
Cerberus Spelaeological Society

Linked Clubs or Groups (none BCA)

Devon Mining Club
Tamar Mining Group
Carbis Bay Crew
Trevithick Society
Avonwick Caving Club