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Old Gunnislake Mine Mine
Phillips Adit Mine, Adit
Redmoor Mine Mine, Shaft
Bakers Pit Cave, SSSI45003580
Afton Red Rift Cave40030120
Aller Park Cave none5016
Anenome Cave Cave76114
Anstey's Cave Cave4065
Anstey's Cove Slip Rift No1 Cave22670
Anstey's Cove Slip Rift No2 Cave7570
Anstey's Cove Slip Rift No3 Cave311970
Anstey's Cove Slip Rift No4 Cave19970
Anstey's Cove Slip Rift No5 Cave701070
Anstey's Cove Slip Rift No6 Cave6470
Anstey's Cove Slip Rift No7 Cave10570
Aptor Dig Cave8100
Ashburton By-pass Caves Cave
Ash Hole Cave501012
Ashton's Dig Cave, Dig979
Avalanche Rift Cave19970
Aven Cave Cave3331
Baggy Point Cave No1 Cave50
Baggy Point Cave No2 Cave50
Baggy Point Cave No3 Cave0
Baggy Point Cave No4 Cave0
Baggy Point Cave No7 Cave0
Baggy Point Cave No5A & 5B Cave0
Baggy Point Cave No6 Cave0
Baggy Point Cave No8 Cave0
Baggy Point Cave No9 Cave0

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